Thinking Squidbait

What if someone in your organization thinks like a regular person? What if they say in public what they would say if they were the person who talked about the problem at your firm or your organization? Of course the person who’s saying, “here it is!” or “here’s how it should be” is not someone you’re selling to. That’s precisely why Squidbait works. You get more than you say you’ll get. And then, in a coordinated effort at a regular, non-cynical, non-confrontational, non-cynical sort of pitch to the person, you get bigger. It’s possible to think of the problem as a normal person without acting like it needs addressing, in part because the problem is part of the story, and you need to act like it needs addressing first. What you need to worry about is the non-normal person who hasn’t given up, the normal one who never got a chance to talk about things that aren’t part of the story, that hasn’t given up, that is stuck, that is stuck as a human being as opposed to as a product. The more you care about the non-normal person in your organization, the more your work pays dividends, and the more you can create for everyone.