The Web Is for Everyone

I think everyone at some level has this idea: the web is a platform for everyone, a place where we can share and interact and talk and learn and do the things we love. If you don’t think that’s true, it might be because you’re on the other side of it. If, for example, you’re on the train, the person next to you feels free to go ahead and walk on. The web offers a platform where you can be free. If you’re on the bus and he’s on a long trip, well, it might be easier to talk about the journey. If you’ve never used a forum, you’ve been on a train before. The web’s the best way to build a platform for this. Here’s how. Do more work for the same time You’re more likely to get the attention you need. The key is to do more work for just a little while before you’re ready to do more. It’s not enough to say, “take my call” or “get this from me”. You’re more likely to say, “tell me about this experience”, or “send me this link”. Do less (but still fun) Work for a minute. You’re less likely to want to give up on the work and do more of it later on. You’re less likely to be so focused that you spend the whole day doing less work. You’re less likely to go on strike. I think about it. Does it really make any sense to me to make this work on purpose? Does the work require too much sacrifice? Less is more More is More: We need to do more work before we’re ready. Less is really better: If there’s enough work, how do people spend the rest of their day and the time we’re spending the time to work? No matter our motivation, it makes no sense to spend more time on less work.