The New Normal

The new normal

There are two kinds of people, and they have very different worldviews. The first group are the people who get what they want most from life. They have a vision of the way things are going to change, and they want to be part of the change. They see themselves as part of a tribe, part of something larger than themselves. They see themselves as part of a community, part of something more than themselves. They are focused on the work of helping others get what they want, on giving back and on serving as a buffer to help the power shift and to make difference. It’s easy for these folks to identify as part of the ‘millennial’ generation, if not the ‘younger’ one. The second group, the ones who are in their mid-twenties, are the ones who have grown up in a world where change is hard and seeing the world as it is makes them happy. They’re the ones who are somewhat bored or stuck or uncertain, but the new norm is to be part of something bigger than themselves. And the third group, the ones that are left, the ones that are stuck, the ones that are stuck in the middle, the ones that haven’t made the leap yet, the ones that are accepting change but aren’t really sure what to do about it. It’s easy for these groups to identify themselves as part of the ‘millennial’ generation, if not the ‘younger’ one.