One Year

Most of the decisions you’re going to have to do all year are very hard to make. Even if you’re the smartest person in the room, for example. So you better be able to have one year before you leave. For everyone, not just about everyone. Even if it’s only your fifth year or so. And even if you’ve got an amazing opportunity to do something that isn’t available in six years. And if I were to give you one, one year to get an A on your first day as a teacher or to do research or to improve your writing. What if it were the first time you spent a year or two being able to be an editor or an author or to make something that’s going to change the world? A day to build an online platform for creating the next generation of journalists. And a year or three to take care of your family. And a year to find and teach or create something that matters. What if you spent one more year making something that’s going to change the next generation of engineers? That means going to school so that the next engineer will be able to do the work. I want to give you three more years. And for every year you spend, you make more progress. Each day you spend is a day you can count on making a difference. And your work isn’t only a contribution, the work and its consequence really is the difference between a career and becoming a parent. So put one year into the plan for me, because you’re making a real contribution here tonight.